A new life.

As I look out of the window just staring at the clouds, it started to make me think back at the past three months.

Cape Town- Two very big words. I never knew my life would change so rapidly, feels like it rotated 180 degrees.

From being surrounded by mountains, trees and friendly people to being surrounded by tall building, hooting cars and unfriendly sad faces. Life back home seems so perfect now. The people there lived a slower life. They looked you in the eye and greeted you no matter what your social status were or if they knew you. Even the air is better; being able to breathe in fresh air is amazing. I was quickly forced to accept my new surroundings.

I was also forced to grow up. All my life I have been living with my parents, to be taken away from them was and still is very difficult. I can’t go home to warm a plate of food or a big hug from my mother. My dad isn’t here to tell me what went on at his work or what is going on in the news every day. My little brother isn’t here to annoy me endlessly. The little things I so easily took for granted everyday came back to haunt me.

Faced with the challenges and pressures of varsity is not easy.

It is easier now.

I am starting to see the beauty of this City. Things are finally starting to get better.